A short time ago, we published a blog entry on our midwife kits. It includes some fine photos of Wunlang's traditional birth attendants being trained in the use of these kits. We always include photos in our blog posts whenever possible, so our supporters can see that their money is going to good use.

But photos can be hard to get. When we visited Wunlang in 2008, we brought a satellite modem with us. It worked; but it has a steep learning curve, always has to face south, and has an elaborate outdoor setup. Then there are the goats.


When our field manager Yel tried to send photos of our midwife training, our satellite modem setup was just too glitchy. Yel has often made the trip to Aweil to upload photos, but that doesn't always work, either. However, determination is been a hallmark of our work. Knowing our supporters were eager to see the midwife-training photos, Yel searched found an even better setup: a Zain cellular network USB connector. Instead our suitcase full of equipment and wires, it's a little thing that plugs into the the USB slot.

cellular network USB connector

Zain Sudan is part of a company founded in Kuwait and recently acquired by the Indian firm Bharti Airtel.

It's fascinating how fast communication technology is moving in South Sudan. Three years ago, we were all trying to face south to talk on a sat phone. There were four competing cell phone companies; service was so spotty you could hardly hear within South Sudan. Now we can hear Yel clearly on his cell on a transcontinental call.

Sending photos was a huge production. Now Yel has a found a quick and easy solution that we will be exploring further.